Please read this section as your will need to follow these policies and procedures. Additionally, please be sure that you read the BarterWorks Trading Rules and Regulations, as you will be expected to abide by them. These were written by the industry authorities and leaders and have been proven over the years that when followed, barter is a very positive experience.


BarterWorks members should sell to all members at your normal prevailing rates. Manufacturer's MSRP is fine and acceptable. Note that when a member is having a sale, those prices should not be available to barter members. Those are typically put in place to gain more cash customers. Inflating prices over normal prevailing or MSRP will not be tolerated.


Please be advised that it is the Seller's responsibility to get a preauthorization before selling a product or service to another member, each time. If the price is an estimate, know that the number can be edited by BarterWorks when final numbers are in. By following this simple procedure, it is the only way to ensure you of payment.